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Who we are

Faith Foundation`s inspiration bears its roots from the streets of Kinigi where she worked by then, when she constantly saw vulnerable children at risk every where she walked with no hope for tomorrow. She then made a decision of saving her own salary to see her dream come true, because she has always wanted to do something to help the children at risk not only in Rwanda but all over the world and hence the birth of the Faith Foundation.

Faith Foundation was started to help vulnerable children but also to be the voice all over the world. The women and children we serve come from disadvantaged backgrounds and families. Some of them are single parents or widows; others are married but too poor to cope with their family or social obligations. Therefore,our foundation, exists to help restore hope, empower dreams and educate to build skills for a brighter life and future.

“We believe that poverty in childhood is a root cause of poverty in adulthood” says the Founder. Faith Foundation is breaking this poverty cycle, by helping the absolute poorest of the poor; we can make the greatest impact on society. The Foundation has pioneered an initiative that has seen children being sponsored to pursue education, empowering themselves and creating their own future, and increasing capacities of widows to actively generate income to support themselves and their children and actively participate in community development.
Our mission is to fight poverty among people through improving children's experiences and life chances to find in themselves solutions to their own daily problems hence reducing the impacts of poverty.
To empower and bringing hope to the vulnerable children and women as well as being the voice of the voiceless children at risk in Rwanda.

Founder and Director at Faith Foundation.


Faith is the most incredible woman I've ever met. She spends her youthful days identifying families in need and caring for their children. She provides education and meals... The very essence of life. During my 7 consecutive years of travelling to Africa, Faith is the first local woman I have met who is making such selfless significant change in her community. I cannot speak highly enough of her and her work!!." Corry Newman

"Amazing day, met an amazing person with a huge heart. We should all aspire to give as much as she has".Jacky Silver

"As a widow with four child, Uwantege is a miracle in my life. When a child misses school, she will follow up to find out why. Even when we send a child to school with dirty uniform, she will come home with soap and explain to us the importance of cleanliness. Uwantege is not a parent, but she acts and advises us like an experienced parent would.".Nyiraminezero